Best Smart Home Devices Of 2020

Amazon Echo Show

The Echo Show is the latest Alexa product from Amazon, building on the popularity and strength of the Echo and Echo Dot with an added screen.

We think it’s a much more complete virtual assistant, and love that we can make video calls with the device, watch our live security camera footage with it, and browse on YouTube (and much more)!

Just like the standard Echo, it can connect to all your smart home devices and apps, including WeMo, Nest, ecobee, Philips Hue and Spotify. And, of course, it’s always learning new skills and getting better at helping you.

Plus, with a whopping eight microphones installed in its compact frame, it can hear you from wherever you are in the room — even if you’ve got music blaring at the same time.

The Echo Show is truly a game changer and undoubtedly one of the best smart home devices of 2020.

Netgear Arlo Pro Security System

Home security is one of the most obvious markets that smart devices can be at their most useful.

We’re certainly not alone in loving the Arlo Pro Security System from Netgear, that promises to have every angle covered for your peace of mind.

Here’s what you can expect from the device:

  • Comes with a 100+ decibel siren
  • Standard kit includes 1 rechargeable HD camera with audio and night vision
  • 130 degree angle lens for wide angles
  • 100% wire free — you can place the cameras wherever you want around your home
  • Weatherproof
  • 2 way audio with push-to-talk capability
  • 7 days of free Cloud recordings
  • Live streaming

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker

But if you think smart gadgets are just for the boring stuff, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The Anova sous vide precision cooker is the latest device that’s lighting up smart kitchens across the US. This tiny, compact tool promises to take your standard home cooked meals to restaurant quality with its technology that promises the following:

  • Food cooked evenly edge to edge
  • No overcooking, ever
  • Cooks food to a precise temperature
  • Cooks everything — even dessert!

It’s also incredibly easy to use — you simply add it to a pot of water, placing your ingredients in a sealed bag into the pot — and voila!

You can set the time and temperature yourself on the device, or use the accompanying app to search for the most appropriate settings for your meal. And it doesn’t require babysitting — the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to monitor, start and stop your cook using the smartphone app.

Philips Hue

Smart lighting is one of the most accessible ways to upgrade your house to a smart home, thanks to generally low prices and easy installation.

The Philips Hue smart lighting system is one of our favorite products in this market, and generally regarded as the product to beat by its competitors.

In this starter kit, you receive two A19 LED smart bulbs and the Philips Hue Bridge — a small device that can be linked to up to 50 of the bulbs and allows you to control them all remotely via the Philips Hue app.

Also in the Hue family are dimmer switches, motion sensors, lighting strips and even colored bulbs that allow you to select from literally millions of colors. The world is your oyster! You can assemble a whole house lighting system easily with Philips Hue, for a very reasonable price.

The system can be controlled with Amazon Alexa and also paired with your Nest thermostat too — talk about the complete smart home!

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring is one of the most popular smart doorbells on the market in 2020.

Essentially, when a visitor to your home rings the doorbell, you’ll be able to view the live video footage of them at your door via the app, and receive a smartphone alert too. Useful when you’re both at home and out of town — it’s a remarkable security device.

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • 2-way audio so you can speak with visitors, regardless of your location
  • Automatically records footage when motion is detected at your front door
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Optional cloud recording so you can view said footage later
  • Wide angle, high definition video
  • Night vision mode with infrared LED lights
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Weather resistant